Velvet Dual Compound Ryder Cup Europe Colours

New VDC Velvet Dual Compound Grips Ryder Cup Europe Colours.

We have landed all new Velvet Dual Compound grips this week, we are now offering the following,

  • Black Standard
  • Blue Standard
  • Red Standard
  • Gray Standard
  • Yellow Blue/Ryder Cup Europe Colours
  • Red/Gray Midsize (4 Layers)
  • Red/Blue Midsize (4 Layers)
  • Black Midsize (4 Layers)
  • Gray Midsize (4 Layers)

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New Tour Fit Velvet Dual Compound. Short video showcasing our new Tour Fit Golf Range of products. My channel is to showcase our Tour Fit Range of golf equipment we manily sell Golf Grips however our diverse range is now covering Golf Club Shafts, Head Covers, Junior Golf Club and more. We have a new range of Winter Golf Gloves, Winter Golf Mitts, and Wool Golf Hats with many many more products coming to market. If you have any suggestions please get in touch would be good to hear your thoughts.

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