From our Dual Compound range to training grips we have everything to fit your needs! 

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Tour Fit Training Grip Mens RH & LH Black

Tour Fit​ Training Grips (Right + Left Handed Black) This golf Training Grip features special fin..

Tour Fit Dual Compound 1/2 Cord

Dual Compound and Dual Compound Midsize is our latest range of grips, Dual Compound is designed so t..

Tour Fit L2 Parallel Midsize Putter Grip

Introducing the NEW TOUR FIT L2 JUMBO PUTTER GRIP Extremely light weight (60 Grams)&..

Tour Fit Junior Training Grip RH yellow/black

Tour Fit Junior Training Grip This golf Training Grip is specifically designed and made to help j..

Tour Fit Innovation

The amazing Innovation range we have introduced 6 of our prime colours and for the first time we hav..

Tour Fit Midsize Wrap

Our Men’s Midsize Wrap grip comes as a 1/16 oversize grip. This grip gives golfers a smooth but firm..
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