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Tour Fit Electric Golf Trolley 18ah Lithium 2 Year Warranty 5 Year on Battery

Tour Fit Electric Golf Trolley 18ah Lithium 2 Year Warranty 5 Year on Battery

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my trolley brand Tour Fit Trolleys, I am very proud of our trolley we have given it a 2 year warranty on the trolley given its proven reliablity and 5 years on the battery and charger.

We have been selling this model for over 10 years with almost zero problems and look forward to answering any question on this you might have.


Adjustable Golf Trolley Front Wheel

Adjust able front wheel making sure your golf trolley always runs straight. this is a simple process, loosen the wheel nuts and more the finger tight sliders to change the wheel direction form left to right to suit.

Golf Trolley wheel tracking is needed as your bag will tend to be heavier on one side this will keep it straight.

Quick Release Golf Trolley Wheel System

Our advanced new quick release wheel system allows you to easily remove wheel for storage in small spaces example your car boot or storage cupboard and also handy for cleaning.

We have a special clutch design which allows you to freewheel your trolley in-case you wish to use your trolley as a push trolley in the event of playing say two rounds of golf if you only have an 18 hole battery. 

This bearing system also makes turning your trolley a complete breeze.

D Shape Golf Trolley Handle

PowerTec Sport Golf Trolleys are supplied with the all new D Shape handle system. The speed control can be operated with either your right or left hand this allowing you to have complete control of your walking speed.

We have a 10-20 and 30 meter distance control so you can send you trolley off to the next tee ready for your next shot.
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