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Dual Polymer Wrap 2.0

Dual Polymer Wrap 2.0

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Our brand new Dual Polymer Wrap 2.0 is our latest version of the Dual Polymer Wrap 1.0 which is a  Single Polymer wrap. 

Crafted from a cutting-edge co-polymer blend. This innovative material is created through injection molding, combining the strengths of both a rigid and pliable component. It harnesses the power of styrene block technology, while its elastomeric properties are derived from the dynamic realm of thermoplastics.

The feel is soft but very long lasting which is a big improvement over the wrap 1.0 which is soft soft; a super material for someone strugling with arthritis as it removes the shock from the hit.

Available in 2 colour Blue and Red inset over black material for 2024 howevr we are launching Dual Polymer in Midsize and Oversize mid 2024.

To round of the story with this wrap for the first time we have launched a putter grip to compliment this grip, we have never done this before and all feel its a nice option as often putter grips do not match something we were keen to do this year. Dual Polymer Paddle Putter 2.0


- Size is R60

- Weight is 57 grams

- Butt Cap 26 mm

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